Hi there!

Welcome to my website. I created the site to share some of my photography, art and writing. The site is a bit of a work in progress as I will keep adding more photos and write blogs. You can check out photos in the Gallery, find a separate page dedicated to sea glass art, subscribe to the blog and find a link to my facebook and instagram page. Thanks for visiting!

Blog: The Mindful Photographer

In the peaceful surroundings of my home, I often set the intention for my photography outings. Desiring to live more in the present and slow my racetrack mind, I promise myself solemnly to submerge in the silence and splendour of the natural world. I aim to let the senses indulge in the moment and loose sight of past and future, worry and fear. I strive to enjoy the process, cherish the experience and trust the outcome. It’s a truly beautiful objective. And usually I don’t even come close to reaching it.......