About me

Welcome to my website. I created this site to share some of my photography, artwork, writing and personal experiences.

While living in Canadian Rockies for some 15 years, I developed a keen interest in nature photography. To me, nature photography is about capturing and sharing the beauty that surrounds us. But it offers much more than that. Going outside with my camera allows me to connect with nature, use my senses, move away from the chatter of my mind.

In 2016 we moved to the Canada’s West Coast where I started making Sea Glass Art. The art pieces are inspired by the things I love: beachcombing, the ocean, the coast, the wildlife.

I regularly write to reflect on life, the environment and my health journey. I am committed to lifelong learning. Nature is a great partner in this process. She awes, inspires, heals and teaches. In my blog I shine some light on my photography, art making as well as my personal experiences. Thanks for visiting.


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