Photo Mosaics

A photo mosaic, unique gift for a friend or family member

What is a photo mosaic?

A photomosaic is one image composed of a series of individual photos. From close-by the individual photos can be distinguished well. From a distance the mosaic looks like one photo. Sometimes  a photo mosaic also get referred to as “photo collage”.

The resemblance of the mosaic to the original background photo increases with the amount of individual photos used. It can take hundreds of individual photos to get a close resemblance to the original picture. For that reason, a lot of mosaic makers let the background image shine through the mosaic a bit, which results in a need for less individual photos, keeping the individual photos large enough to be distinguished individually.

For which occasion?

A photo mosaic can be a wonderful, long lasting present to give yourself, family or a friend. Occasions that often used for creating mosaics are birthdays, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, baby showers, graduation, Christmas and more. Perhaps you would like to receive a customized photo mosaic of your family using old photos. We can create a mosaic of your best travel shots or your loving pet. It is all possible. Just send us your digital photos and we do the rest.

What we offer

We customize the mosaics to the customers needs. If you have a large amount of photos from for example a wedding and would like all of them used, we can do that and recommend to create a detailed mosaic for you. If you would like to use a smaller amount of individual photos to make the mosaic we can do that too.

To inquire or order, please visit my Etsy shop.


My latest mosaic of the Three Sisters in Canmore is for sale as a large format print on Metal, Acrylic glass, Canvas or Photo Paper. Please contact me to inquire about pricing.

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