Sea Glass Art

Welcome to Seahound Studio, my place dedicated to making and selling Sea Glass Art.  Please note I have art pieces for sale on Etsy. Please visit my Etsy shop by clicking here.  You can follow me on Facebook and  at #Seahoundstudio on Instagram.


What is sea glass or beach glass?

Sea glass starts its journey as bottles or jars that have been discarded onto the shore or into the sea. Tumbling in the surf, the glass breaks up into smaller pieces. After years and years of exposure to the waves, rocks and salt water, the glass gets a rounded, frosted look. While sea glass starts its journey as “garbage”, it is collected and treasured by many people, to the extent that it is harder and harder to find these days (unless you know a secret remote spot!).  I often get asked where I find sea glass. I’ll give you a tip. Look for a beach with pebbles, and a fairly powerful surf, close to a place with human activity. Even though you might find some sea glass on a pristine sandy beach in a National Park, you will typically find more closer to a coastal town or or an old industrial site.

See some examples below of sea glass mosaics I have made. I try to use as many local, re-purposed and environmentally friendly materials as I can. All sea glass is collected on local beaches on Vancouver Island.  I use second-hand photo frames and refinish them with paint that was donated to the Habitat for Humanity store. To minimize the environmental footprint of my art further, I only use plant-based epoxy in my art pieces.

I currently sell existing sea glass mosaics at Bastion Square Public Market in Victoria, BC in the Summer, at various Christmas markets in November and December, and in my Etsy store online. I make customized and personalized art pieces which can be shipped bubble-wrapped to customers within Canada or to the US. If you are interested in a custom-made mosaic, please contact me and let me know what size and subject you are interested in. If you are interested in a mosaic that I have made in the past, please know that I frequently make mosaics of the same subjects and can let you know when one is available.

Please click on the individual images below to enlarge them.

Please note some of the photos are zoomed in. All art pieces are made on glass and have a distressed wood frame border. More photos will be added on a regular basis.

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